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ITGWS professional services for the agriculture industry

International Techonology of Global Web Serives (ITGWS) is dedicated to offering professional and effective IT solutions to the agriculture industry. Our solutions are perfectly designed to improve the profitability of your agriculture business. Our solutions and services are also capable of helping the agriculture ecosystem accomplish its potential.

Digital technologies as well as analytics are changing the agriculture industry completely, making the field operations of farms more insight focused and resourceful. Digital-based ranch services of our agency are designed to aid agriculture companies considerably in improving their financial performance as well as in increasing the yield in an affordable way.

To assist farmers to boost productivity as well as prosperity, International Techonology of Global Web Serives (ITGWS) has united digital technologies, like the Internet of Things with its visualization abilities, big data analytics, and industry knowledge to generate the accuracy agriculture service and the associated crop solution.

The challenges of the existing ecosystem keep small farmers, field mediators, as well as agro-input businesses from attaining their complete potential in the agriculture industry. That is why, at ITGWS, we are committed to improving the effectiveness as well as the productivity of the field agents of the agro-input companies.

Small ranches around India are still following the traditional agricultural practices. This is for the reason that they are short of access to the most recent information, including the most modern micro-fertilizers and a scientific understanding of insect lifecycles. In contrast, Agro-input businesses have the products to assist cultivators to gain the greatest yields through that most modern fertilizer technology, pesticides and seeds.

The field agent represents the key connection between a farmer and a company, yet these people do not have enough agricultural familiarity, technology, and procedures to suggest the correct products to farmers. Therefore, when cultivators see little or no gain to the relationship, the outcome is a lack of faithfulness toward the agent, causing job frustration and abrasion. However, hiring ITGWS for the development of your agricultural company will allow you to overcome all these problems.

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