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Effective IT solutions of ITGWS for the banking industry

The present banking industry is seeing extraordinary forces of change, be it severe regulations or ferocious competition or swift changing customer requirements. As a result, the financial institutions are expecting to put the best Banking IT services into practice to get customer faithfulness, improve working efficiency, and ensure dogmatic observance. Hiring the IT services of ITGWS will fetch you effective client-centric banking solutions.

ITGWS is a trusted and most sought-after IT company amid many major Fortune 500 and mid-sized financial and banking service organizations in India. All these organizations have leveraged our domain and technical skill for their precise outsourcing requirements at various phases of their project lifecycle.

The services of ITGWS will cover an extensive range of business domains, including:

Core banking

Multi-channel Banking

Loans and Financing

Investment/Cash Management


Trade Finance




We collaborate with best-in-rank technology dealers, such as Oracle, Microsoft, Kony, Threatmetrix, Pegasystems, and Nintex. This facilitates us to offer wealthy and resourceful end-user solutions. in addition, our proprietary tools, frameworks, and platforms that are developed with wealthy project experience aid us considerably in delivering banking IT solutions of the highest quality to the banking customers.

ITGWS is renowned for offering inventive business and technology solutions to the banking industry at an affordable cost. Most modern-day banks, as well as financial service institutions, are putting banking IT services into practice with the intention of driving innovation and improving client satisfaction. Our well-designed IT solutions will be capable of transforming their current processes, channel delivery as well as their operational models.

The banking as well as Digital IT solutions of ITGWS are capable of offering a strong return on investment besides personalized consumer interactions, quicker delivery of merchandise and services, better workforce teamwork, all showing the way to amplified market share.

Get in touch with ITGWS to boost the revenue and the customer service of your banking institution.

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