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Get the best CRM, CMS, and ERP solutions by choosing ITGWS

CRM is the acronym for Customer Relationship Management, CMS refers to Content Management System and ERP is the short form of Enterprise Resource Planner. ITGWS is the leading company in India, which is committed to offering these three services with maximum professionalism.

Features of our CRM services

CRM of ITGWS is an extensively executed strategy amid many businesses in India. This is because it involves the exploitation of technology to systematize, computerize, as well as harmonize business processes. Our CRM plays a vital role in not only managing the interactions of your company with clients, customers, as well as with sales prospects, chiefly sales activities but also for customer service, marketing, and technical support. It describes a broad business plan of your business, including client-interface departments and other sections The major goal of our CRM service is to discover, attract, and win new customers, as well as to foster and keep those customers that your business already has, tempt previous customers back into the fold, and decrease the expenses of marketing and customer service.

Our CMS service features

The CMS services of ITGWS have been designed to suit the needs of all types and sizes of businesses, particularly those that require an online gateway to promote and sell their merchandise and services. If you have a business website, hiring our services will allow you to manage your entire publishing content in an effective way. This means that you will be capable of publishing any type of content that pertains to your business to meet your business goals. It will act as a central hub for your company, making your website easily accessible, responsive, and user-friendly. Our CMS will have either predesigned themes or web templates that you can decide from, or it will offer you the choice to create your personal design and wish for a more customized or complex website.

Features of our ERP system

The ERP system of ITGWS plays a vital role in integrating external as well as internal management information across your whole organization. It is perfectly designed to embrace manufacturing, finance accounting, customer relationship management, sales and service, and much more. Our ERP systems are capable of running on a variety of network and hardware configurations, usually utilizing a database as a warehouse for information. They are also capable of facilitating the information flow between your entire business functions within the limits of your organization and handling the connections effectively to outside stakeholders.

ITGWS is a one-stop destination for your entire CRM, CMS, and ERP needs to get the most effective and resourceful solutions. Schedule an appointment with one of the experts of our business for your next project t make it more professional and affordable.

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