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ITGWS IT services to the pharmaceutical industry

The pharmaceutical industry in India enjoys a significant position in the worldwide pharmaceuticals industry. The pharmaceuticals market of the country is the third biggest one in terms of volume and thirteenth biggest when considering the value.

The IT services of ITGWS are designed not only to meet the needs of the Indian pharmaceutical companies but also to fulfill the demands of biotechnology and medical device companies in the country.

As one of the major professional IT services firms in the country, ITGWS is always ready to offer you the benefits of our experience acquired from working with an extensive variety of customers, with the business committed experts and amazing depth and breadth of IT services.

The work practice of ITGWS is committed to delivering effective IT solutions to the difficult business challenges that the pharmaceutical companies in the country are facing. We have a profound pharmaceutical experience to assist our customers to deal with the major challenges they come across in research and development, delivery chain, sales, as well as in marketing. Besides IT clients, we also work with customers across a mixture of corporate functions, including:



human resources


revenue cycle


Merger and acquisition strategy

We always aim to build a close working relationship with our customers to know their operating setting to ensure we deliver our IT solutions to their precise needs. In assisting our customers, we use the full skills and knowledge of ITGWS professionals.

The capability of ITGWS to combine the correct competencies, market acquaintance, as well as industry insight-customized for each customer rapidly assists us greatly in going ahead of the competition as well as in overcoming our business competitors.

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